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Summary of the August 20th
Post Reunion Meeting


How 'bout a “Domenico Tour of Italy?”

Planning is now underway for a family tour of Italy. Over 22 people have expressed and interest. 40 would make it feasible.
If you're interested, contact Frank James

There are still a few shirts and hats available. Contact Frank if you want some of those (at a greatly reduced rate.)

Also available is the
Summary of the July 30 final planning meeting



We've got a good beginning on a collection of recipes which you can find by clicking on the picture below:

We hope this will encourage others to contribute family recipes as well.

Other Family Photos


Our Canadian cousins have created a web site describing the city or our ancestors:

Castiglione di

You can actually see the Di Domenico house in that photo -- behind the church.

Our family has grown tremendously since the Reunion at Uncle Sandyís forty years ago. Letís all work to make this Reunion just as much fun for all of us.


Welcome to the Domenico Family Reunion Home Page. This is your place for information regarding the family reunion that took place Saturday, August 6, 2005 at Clement Park in Littleton Colorado. It was great to see so many of you there.

Reunion Photos contributed:

Schedule, Menues, Maps, Accommodations and Things to Do

There is a separate page with a schedule of events ,maps of and directions to the picnic site at Clement Park and the Golf Tournament at Red Rocks Country Club and another separate page with the photo schedule. There's also a pointer to some sightseeing attractions and things to do in Colorado. Click on the picture of the Air Force Academy chapel below to get to the added information page

Please Sign Up Now:

We need to get some idea of how many people will be attending the reunion. If you are fairly sure you will be there, please let the planners know how many of your family will be coming. PLEASE LET US HEAR FROM YOU as it will help in the planning. Jan Garbarino and Aunt Edith are going to need the number of adults, those children ages 6 to 10 and less than six years of age to order the food. Just send an email to with your estimates.

A list of those who have already signed up is also available along with
a table of funds paid in and disbursed.

More News

John Mollicone has designed the reunion logo that you see at the top of this page. The logo will go onto the tee shirts that all attendees will receive. Baseball caps with the reunion logo will be available at a modest extra cost. The caps will be sand colored so the logo will stand out a lot better than it does on the red one pictured on the left.

The old church on the hill

Our cousin Marco Di Domenico now living in Venafro has published a Castiglione di Carovilli web site. Click the picture to visit. An exercise for the reader is to find Marco in the family tree and in the family photo collections on these pages.

Send in your photographs

Lou Mollicone is working on a Domenico family CD to be distributed at the reunion. Please mail hardcopy to Lou.

Louis Molliconi
10518 King Ct.
Westminster, CO 80031

There's more information on the "What we need from you page."

Send in your family stories to

Mary Mollicone <>

Bob Domenico has sent in some great memories and Frank James got Toronto cousin Pierino Rossi to relate some stories too.

Bob Domenico has updated the family tree information, so check it out and make sure your additions got in there. Click on the tree to see the latest version. Send email to Bob with more updates. There's another family tree that goes backward in time from Nicola and Lucia Domenico


What Do You Have to Do?

0) Let us know how many are coming. We need to estimate how much food to have catered and we have to put down a deposit soon. If you are fairly sure you will be there, please let the planners know how many of your family will be coming. Just send an email to with an estimate of how many adults and children are likely to attend. Please click here to find out how you can contribute.

1)    Mark Your Calendars! Events will take place on Friday and Saturday. The picnic is planned for Saturday, August 6. Click here for updated information.

2)   Click here and send your name and a way to contact you to so that we may keep you updated of any new information regarding the reunion.

3)    Feel free to attend the Reunion Planning Meetings held every month. We'll try to post the meeting times here.

  • The meeting dates and times are announced at the top of this page..

4)   Get out your family recipes! We are looking for all of our familyís Italian Dishes. We will be developing the Domenico Family Cook Book. Click here to read more about it!

5)   Dig out all of your old family photographs. We are making and electronic photo album for everyone and we need your help. Would you like to see some of what we already have?

Lou Molliconi's Collection

Click here to find out how to submit your photos.

6)   What good are photos if you donít know your family history? We are creating an online Family Tree and we need information on your family. Click here to find out what we need. To see the Family Tree, click here.

7)    Last, check back frequently so that you may receive all of the updated information about the Domenico Reunion as it becomes available.