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Pierino Rossi, who organized the US and Canadian reunion in the home town of Castiglione di Carovilli, had these poignant comments:

I wish to thank everyone for the nice things you all have said about the trip to Castiglione and the wanderfull time you had there, however I wish to add few considerations of my own: first of all we should thank God  for having arranged for us to meet, out of no where, become friends, and plan this trip to relive the common roots we share. We should also thank God for the wonderfull anchestors He gave us and the enormus sacrifice they made  to make our living so easy.

Looking at the trip in retrospective I see 2 groups of people, the Castiglionesi and the American cousins, both genuinely very happy and trilled for having met and spent few hours togeter, and both eager to meet again. I was in between, I belonged to both groups, therefore I was toice as much happy and trilled as all of the rest.

I believe we wrote a new page of history for Castiglione, that will be remembered for many many years to come: never before had happened something like that, never before a large group of discendents of Castiglionesi had gone back to live few days in town, relive the lives of their anchestors, and cherish immensely their belonging there.

The people of Castiglione appreciated very much the donation you brought for the church, they recognized that some extraordinary thing was happening and responded spontaneusly the way they know, with their hearts. That's their culture, but is also our culture!

I hope in the future we can build from all this. I hope more groups will have the chanse to make similar trips. For all of you that are been there allready next trip will be easier to arrange, you will not need to go to Colle Panetta, or to Il Parco for accomodation, but you can rent or buy a house right in Castiglione and go to spent there not only few days, but weeks, or months as you wish. Maybe next time there won't be dancing under the stars, but the wormth of the people of Castiglione will never be missing. Should you need my help in the future I will be more than happy to be there for you.

That is Castiglione!

The original web pages associated with the 2005 Domenico Family Reunion are available by clicking on the logo above.

Giro D'Italia

How 'bout a “Domenico Tour of Italy?”

Planning is now underway for a family tour of Italy. Over 22 people have expressed and interest. 40 would make it feasible.
If you're interested, contact Frank James

There are still a few shirts and hats available. Contact Frank if you want some of those (at a greatly reduced rate.)


We've got a good beginning on a collection of recipes which you can find by clicking on the picture below:

We hope this will encourage others to contribute family recipes as well.


Fly into Castiglione Di Carovilli with Google Earth

You can actually "fly into" Castiglione Di Carovilli in using Google Earth. Once you get Google Earth started, just type "Carovilli, Italy"into the box marked "fly to". It's amazing to see the system home in on Carovilli.    If you then zoom in on Carovilli to the point where you can just begin to make out the houses in town, you'll see a yellow road going off the the northeast.  That yellow road ends in Castiglione di Carovilli.  If you zoom way in on Castiglione, you should be able to find the church and piazza.  The Di Domenico house is just north and a little east of the church.  The Rossi house is directly west of the church.  The ruins of the old church on the hill are south of the town in the middle of a wooded area encircled by what looks like a loop of white roads.


Welcome to the Lucia and Nicola Domenico Family Home Page. It was originally set up to document the reunion that took place Saturday, August 6, 2005 at Clement Park in Littleton Colorado.

Plans for 2007 Trip to Italy

If you missed the 2006 trip to Italy or you just can't wait to return, our cousin Giovanna (Di Domenico) Hilj is planning a return visit this year. The note below is from Giovanna's husband Maurizio:

I wanted to let you know about a tour of Italy Giovanna is organizing for this summer.  If you could spread the word, maybe the people that didn't get a chance to go last year will want to go.  Unfortunately it won't be the kind of 'personalized' tour you got last year in Castiglione, but they'll get to see a lot of this beautiful country.  The trip will be 14 days and will cover highlights from Milan all the way to Sicily, including Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Sorrento, Capri, and Taormina and Palermo in Sicily.  The cost is around $3300 and it includes airfare, hotels, private tour bus, breakfast and dinner, private tour director, and tickets to various venues.  Since the trip is scheduled to depart from Cleveland, there is an additional $95 for anyone outside of Cleveland. What is not covered are lunches, and tips for city tour guides, bus driver and tour director.  Plus there is the option for a minimal cost to extend the trip for a few days if the people want to take some time to visit Castiglione.  This won't be difficult since our last stop is Rome (only a couple of hours from the town). It would be great to see some of you again. 

Take care.  Ciao. Maurizio <maurihilj@ameritech.net>

Photos of the 2006 Reunion In Castiglione di Carovilli

Memories of the Castiglione festivities

Photos of the grand family reunion in Castiglione di Carovilli are being made available by many of the attendees:

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2005 Reunion Photos contributed:

More News

The old church on the hill

Our cousin Marco Di Domenico now living in Venafro has published a Castiglione di Carovilli web site. Click the picture to visit. An exercise for the reader is to find Marco in the family tree and in the family photo collections on these pages.

Send in additional family stories to

Mary Mollicone <mmollicone@comcast.net>

Bob Domenico has sent in some great memories and Frank James got Toronto cousin Pierino Rossi to relate some stories too.

Bob Domenico has updated the family tree information, so check it out and make sure your additions got in there. Click on the tree to see the latest version. Send email to Bob bobgwend@comcast.net with more updates. There's another family tree that goes backward in time from Nicola and Lucia Domenico

Lou Molliconi made an electronic photo album for everyone at the reunion. Some of it is available on this web site.

Lou Molliconi's Collection


Our Canadian cousins have created a web site describing the city or our ancestors:

Castiglione di

You can actually see the Di Domenico house in that photo -- behind the church.