Photos from Edoardo and Lidia


Hi everybody!!

We would like to send you some nice photos for smiling have some chinese photos,some Christmas ones and one about Andrea.

We chosed 4 about Edoardo's trip in China in November in the 1st one(china1)there is Edoardo with some friends in the main street of Beijing with some hats.The second one is with the buddist religious man I'm the one with the american hat.China3 there is I with the big big poster of Mao beetwen my fingers.The 4th photo is about the italian group with their chines guestes in front of the zoo.

Then we have some Christmas photos,in the first one there are the sons of Lidia's brother,Luigi.In the second there is Santa Claus(Lidia's brother)with his sons Eugenio and Pietro.Christams3 is about Santa Claus with his last doughter,Virginia that is two monthes. The last one is Andrea at the university of Fisic he is the second to the left.

Enjoy yourself!!

-- Edoardo & Lidia

P.S. The flowers with the strange butterfly are for you from Italy

Butterfly China2 China3
Chirstmas2 Christmas1 Christmas3
Cina1 Cina4 University1