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from the Domenicos

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SmallJohnnyFootball.jpg (8009 bytes) The Fairview Knights had their most successful season in many years—making it to the state championship playoffs. Along the way, they beat Cherry Creek and Pomona—two of the teams that ended up in the final four. As a senior, Johnny got to see action in all the games.
SmZuluWarriors.jpg (7949 bytes) Anna has been in South Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer for nearly a year now.  She's stationed in a rural area near the small town of Commondale which is about 30 km from Piet Retief.  If you look at a map she's actually near the border of Swaziland.  She'll be working with the schools in the area 'til her tour is up in April 2000.
SmDannyPapaGram.jpg (5335 bytes) Danny's in his second year at the University of Virginia Law School where he's a member of the Law Review.  His semester was busy with interviews for jobs next summer.  He was offered positions  in 11 different cities and decided to work in the Boulder office of a Silicon Valley company.  Can you believe it?
SmBonnieBusterandFriend.jpg (5958 bytes)  SmJohnsonWedding.jpg (6395 bytes) We are posting a few pictures friends sent us over the holidays.
SmAllButAnna.jpg (7393 bytes) SmZuluWarriors.jpg (7949 bytes) SmSydney.jpg (3872 bytes) Some family pictures.
SmPrintNewslet.jpg (11814 bytes) You may also want to take a look at an electronic copy of the printed newsletter: