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1997 has been a year of transition for the "big kids" in the Domenico family. After graduating from the University of Colorado about a year agosmallAnnaGrad.jpg (4086 bytes), Anna has had a year of travel and adventure. She lived in Whitefish Montana for the most part, working at The Big Mountain ski area in the Winter and at a golf course in the Summer. But she did take time for a trip to "the auld sod" with Franny and a cross-country Amtrak ride to Boston and New Hampshire. She is scheduled to leave for South Africa for a two-year stint with the Peace Corps in January. AnnaPaddy.jpg (40373 bytes)

Anna and "Paddy" on the Aran Islands

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Danny with Janel (left) and cousins, Susie, Angie, Kristi

Danny entered the University of Virginia Law School this Fall and so far seems to be enjoying it. Before that, he also embarked on a cross country pilgrimage which included such highlights as the annual family get together (in Boulder this year)small_cousins.jpg (6114 bytes) and stops at other shrines such as Graceland and Savannah He spent the Thanksgiving holidays with his friend Janel Ellison in Las Vegas where she is working on a senate campaign.
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As a junior at Fairview High, Johnny keeps busy with football and lacrosse. He had a great summer on the staff at Geneva Glenn Camp where he had spent 5 previous summers as a camper. Snowboarding has replaced skiing as the favorite Winter pastime. Johnny now claims to be the tallest Domenico. JohnnyCamp.jpg (55269 bytes)

Johnny (in red) with his charges at camp

YoungLoveSmaller.jpg (29480 bytes) We didn’t make it back to the Colorado-Michigan game this year, but we had several visits to Boulder from the old U of M crowd: the Sherkenbachs, the Townsends, the Keatings, and Al and Nancy Butler. Of course, Al came out for a barefoot waterskiing contest. Franny’s trip to Ireland with Anna was terrific, but the fiddle music they brought back is getting a little old for the family members who prefer a fine tarantella.  Ben’s outstanding accomplishment for the year was getting his driver’s license renewed without having to wear his glasses.

Pictures of the fossils will be included in the printed newsletter when we find wide enough paper for printing.  In the meantime for the online version, we have included this picture of Franny and Ben on a recent visit to Dillon.