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Late 2009 and 2010 Highlights:
Instant Family Expansion by Two

Mama Anna and Baby NoelleEllie and the Duke at Viele Lake
Ellie, Michael, and Mia with Papa Ben on his birthday
Baby Noelle and Mama Anna
Ellie and the Duke at Viele Lake
Papa Ben's Birthday
with Expanded Set of Grandkids:
Ellie, Michael, Mia

2007 Highlight:
Mia Kurtz Arrives
2008 Highlights:
Mia Growing Up
Mia as Pea Blossom for Halloween
Mia in Spring Sun Bonnet Mia and Papa at the Farm
Mia in Pea Blossom Hat for Halloween Mia in Easter Bonnet

2006 Highlights

Highlights 2005

Anna and Steve's Wedding: Chapel on the Rock at Saint Malo
June 18, 2005

Other 2005 Highlights

Domenico Family Reunion

San Diego Trip

Italy Trip 2005

Georgetown Reunion

Base Line Reunion

Farewell Osceola

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The Major Social Event of the 1996: Joanne's Wedding.

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